Humanity Discovered.

Hi. My name is Shira, and I’m a college student fed up with the system. I’ve always loved learning, but the constant testing and pressure that learning in the education system puts on us as students really takes the enjoyment out of it. Not to mention the limitations of classes we can take and workload that we can handle, since most classes require testing and outside work, and we can only manage so much!

Thus, Humanity Discovered was created. This is a stress-free place to learn. To discover humanity. Not because we have to, but because we enjoy it. Because we want to learn about each other and what makes us, well – us! This is a “class” that does not require testing or outside work. Humanity Discovered is a *human* education system where we learn because we want to be knowledgable and aware – not so that we can regurgitate information for a grade.

I’m going to pass on what I’m learning in my classes to you in an interesting, accessible way. I’ll also be writing articles about anything else we all might find fascinating. We’re going to focus on the studies of humanity, because Humanity Discovered is our system, and we as humans should be able to learn about what we are and how we function without having to feel stressed. Here, at Humanity Discovered, we can learn what feels relevant to us. If I’m not able to take a class and learn without the pressures of memorization, testing, and grades, at least you can! I promise I won’t test you on what you learn here 😉

Let’s learn together. Because we enjoy it.